My Top 10 Hottest Pinays of 2012

I know this is a little bit late for me because it is already February of the year 2013 and I'm posting a 2012 Top 10. I was going to do this way back but for some reasons I couldn't so for the sake of completion I give you "My Top 10 Hot Pinays of 2012".  This is a more of a personalized list of mine which is very far to what FHM's top 10 list. Here is the list Courtesy of FHM:

1. Sam Pinto
2. Angel Locsin
3. Solenn Heussaff
4. Cristine Reyes
5. Marian Rivera
6. Ellen Adarna
7. Jackie Rice
8. Bela Padilla
9. Jennylyn Mercado
10. Lovi Poe

So let's now jump to my hot pinay list and the first on the list are:

10. Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes

You are probably wondering why these two girls took some spot on my top list. There is only one word of explanation that I could give you and that is the word POTENTIAL. Yes these two Mara Clara stars have what it takes to make it big in showbizness and posing in men's magazines would be a delight if they ever had to someday, someday. So guys, we are hoping for the best. This young ladies grew up fast aren't they? I use to watch them in Going Bulilit as cute little kids, now they are big all over. Thank you puberty, you're awesome.

9. Isabelle Daza

Already a regular eye catcher in the show Eat Bulaga and listed on FHM Philippines Top 100. Guess what number? You're a correct! It's 69th! You green-minded you! What I like about her is aside from her beauty, courtesy of miss Gloria Diaz, ( and oh my gosh her skin!) she is also a very smart lady. Beauty queen traits are in the blood!

Here's more of her:

8. Kaye Abad

She's that girl on that television show for teens that jumped over to the bandwagon when Dawson's Creek was the thing back in 1998. I never noticed her before because I think she was a little bit skinny. But now I just didn't know what happened! It's like he just went on a double puberty. It's like her body saying "Okay, this is not good enough yet. Let's put some lumps here, some humps there and some curves here... there! Perfect!".

Here's more of her:

7. Jodi Sta. Maria

With her show "Be Careful With My Heart" really taking off, I think Yaya Maya deserves a spot in 'top something' magazines which she already did and took a spot in my heart. Woooh cheesy! Anyway, what I like about her is that aside from being a good actress (and she is hands down), I found her face and personality very warm in many points. It's the combination of her soft face, girl-next-door look, sweet voice and charm that even women can go in lesbians with. Yep, I'm in lesbians with her. She reminds me of my neighbor's cute little kittens.

Here's more of her:

6. Jackie Rice

Ever since I first laid my eyes on her on that reality TV show I was StarStrucked. Ha, get it? StarStrucked? No? Okay :sad: I dreamed, I believed and I survived the long wait for her to spread her wings and spread her thighs. Yes, Jackie is now a regular hottie and a contender on FHM's top 10.

Here's more of her:

5. Jinri Park

Three words: "The Jinri Experience". If you haven't experienced it yet then you are either gender confused or have a problem in the lower regions. This is the only thing that had made me go to the national bookstore, to buy her photobook. This is the first photobook to be published here in the country so kudos to you and a lot of guys will be much happier in their life because of this.

Here's more of her:

4. Alodia Gosiengfiao

Of course the cosplay queen. What I love about this girl is despite of her success in her career,  I still don't know why she acts awkward on the telly, and she dances so awkwardly that it melts my heart. But I think she is getting better at that.  She has an enormous amount of potential and a talent pool that he could just dip in to. She is a cosplay veteran of course, she also plays the piano, writes her own blog, she paints, draws and she is also one serious gamer. She could kick your bum in Tekken is she puts her mind to it. She is an avid learner. And what is not to like about a cosplay girl? Just imagine the possibilities! You and your favorite anime character on the bedroom.

Here's more of her: Alodia Gosiengfiao

3. Jessy Mendiola 

Well, this photo. Enough said. K, thanks byieeeeeee. I don't know why but I do find her mesmerizing and so are other people as evidence of her having a career which is taking off, a lot  of TV projects and her increasing popularity in South Korea. Fresh! Watch out for this girl.

Here's more of her:

2. Valeen Montenegro

I call her my hidden treasure because she's a little bit of an underground beauty. But I think you'll recognize her in commercial where the scenario is in a classroom and then a boy shouts "Ma'am! May I go out? ... with  Jessica?" or that comedy show on TV 5 "Lokomoko U" where she is always paired with Empoy. Will you look at those armpits!

Here's more of her:

1. Yassi Pressman

Here is my number one pick! Yassi "the sassy" Pressman. I call her my sassy girl because she is so lively. Her face is all over the Internet and slowly gaining popularity by the day. I think 2013 will be her year. Aside from her cuteness and perky personality she is also overwhelmingly talented. She is a good dancer, they call her the dance princess I think and not a bad singer at all. Acting, hmmm I don't know yet but that could be improved on an acting workshop.

 Here's more of her: Yassi Pressman

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